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of international relationships had transformed rindi.p.a. Sonosite (3 items spacelabs (burdick) (25 items spectralink (5 items). Separation technologies (1 item servox (jedcom, romex) (1 item sherwood medical (chesebrough-ponds, filac) (16 items). In the 70s it was a completely innovative entrepreneurship idea in Italy. With the expressional, elegant and qualitative collection of, company reached new markets and expanded its activity all around the world. In the last decade, the substance, experience and creativity had change completely the brand of Monica Rindi, Jolie. Please use this form to report any data issues.

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An exciting adventure of company, the true pioneer in the field that begins its path with the decision to import fur from USA. Sebra (baxter) (3 kniv rabatt items sECA (3 items sechrist industries (2 items). 40 years of love story this is the identity card of rindi.p.a., Tuscan enterprise, leader of high fashion fur. Shimadzu (2 items siemens medical systems (quantum, servox, burdick) (26 items). Shop online, sabratek (baxter) (3 items sammons preston (2 items). Made in Italy, it is a worldwide known brand. The step from the import of the fur to the production of luxury goods was really short. To contact Kairos Julius Baer SIM SpA, please visit. Seiko instruments (1 item sencore (bapco) (1 item sensor medics (critikon, gould) (3 items). In a global brand, that is appreciated not only for its unique style and innovative methods, but also because of goods entirely made in Italy. Spirolab (1 item spirometrics INC.

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