staff discount policy

action may be to consider alternative solutions. The consequences should be tied directly to the level of violation the company assigns to discount abuse. Once defined, it is equally important to have agreement on the actions taken against violators. This method eliminates the need to question who the purchases were for and additionally helps the organization forecast the maximum amount of employee discount dollars in a fiscal year. If the company views the violation as an act closer to theft, then the obvious outcome should be termination. Adoption leave policy Adoption Leave Application Form (Word, 136 KB) Career Break Procedure Career Break Application Form (PDF, 131 KB) Career Break Record of Contact Days (PDF, 75 KB) Childcare voucher scheme Family Friendly Flowchart (PDF, 112 KB) Flexible working policy Maternity leave policy Maternity. Equal pay statement Safeguarding of Children, Vulnerable Adults and Prevention of Radicalisation Policy (PDF, 927 KB) Protection of Vulnerable Groups and Criminal Records Check: Policy and Guidance Trans staff and students policy Vulnerable students - policy statement Vulnerable students - procedural guidance for staff response. Inconsistencies in policy enforcement due to the level of the employee could invite legal liability.

It is the act of misusing the discount that we react to, not the amount of loss to the company. Academic promotion Framework agreement Grading review policy and procedure hera (Higher Education Role Analysis) Job Families Health and wellbeing Information, guidance and policies on all aspects relating to equality and diversity. Infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies are the most common categories of crime; however, states have varying degrees for each infraction.

Further information on equality and diversity can be found here. In order to make violations clear, meaning knowing and willful, the discount policy must leave no room for interpretation. To register online discount: You can add your staff discount to your online account by following the below steps:. Bridging Fund (PDF, 517 KB c Capability (Long-Term Absence) Procedure for All Employees Capability (Poor Performance) Procedure for All Employees Career Break Procedure Career Break Application Form (PDF, 131 KB) Career Break Record of Contact Days (PDF, 75 KB) Caring Fund Application Process (PDF, 211.

Consider the Implications, when we write policy, we often do so with a specific scenario in mind. If the dollar amount of the discount abuse is large enough (say thousands of dollars(2) and it can all be proven through evidence, such as media tapes, electronic journals, exception based reports, and so on, we may in fact have a case for the police. There are practices that can reduce discount abuse exposure, such as: Reduce the discount percent to a value that makes it inconsequential or equal to monthly promotions. Communication should occur regularly for both new and existing associates. It is difficult enough for retailers orlando discount mall to get the attention of an overburdened(3) criminal justice system for actual cash and merchandise theft, let alone the less understandable "discount abuse." So we are left with an action that is criminal by definition, but mostly difficult. See also Employment and Recruitment sections.

Knowing and willful misconduct, especially those that result in a loss to the company, is grounds in most states for termination(4). Agency Workers, alcohol, Drug and Substance Misuse Policy (PDF, 152 KB annual leave guidance, antenatal Appointment Policy (PDF, 86 KB). Consider the Cost, few people in the organization other than the CFO or Finance team probably know the true cost of this employee benefit. In addition, statements such as "may be used to purchase gifts" can also leave the door open to interpretation.