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the quality great, but my 25 student discount meant 3D Hubs was also the most affordable way to print my prototype. Get 25 discount on all your 3D prints: 25 discount, on all your 3D prints, rabatt apollo ica enter your university email address. The discount is available until 11/31/2013. By sharing valuable functional designs, I'd like to demonstrate the future potential of the new technology. She is now working as a Mechanical Engineer at Formlabs where she was instrumental in designing the resin cartridge and tank systems of the Form 2 as well as the new Form Wash and Cure systems.

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And for the next few weeks 3D, hubs will be offering a pretty major 30 discount to customers trying out their new printing options. Thanks to all of our 3D, hubs customers. We officially have the 25 student discount on our, hub!

We are offering an early order discount of 30 on this bundle. Joshua Pearce, professor at Michigan Technology University. Play, gmail, contacts, drive, calendar, google, translate. No plus ones no shares, add a comment. No plus ones no shares Looks like you've reached the end Looks like you've reached the end Unable to load more. When 3D printing became commonly available, a door for a new type of creativity was opened. Her research was on the design of an automated benchtop factory for manufacturing microfluidic devices. I believe, future mechanical objects will be highly customizable - not only engraving but also mechanical function. Get a bunch of great high quality architectural textures and high resolution High Dynamic Range Environments! Participating Universities and 486 other universities.