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current provider a call or go in store if youre brave enough, and tell them you want to leave, theyll ask you why and you should tell them about all these good deals youve found. However, its meant that the mobile sites and apps we always use are now optimised for fast 4G and wifi, which means data heavy auto-play video on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As well as cashback (see below there are a lot of freebies and extras you can pick. Want to avoid student insurance mistakes? Theres a setting you can change so that you only update apps when youre connected to wi-fi. Offer for the life of your plan to current uni students only. Ideally youll arrange a new deal in the final month of your existing contract, so keep a note of when it ends. Its easy to do: were getting reeled in with attractive offers, even if theyre not what we need. If theres one time you need to remember to use cashback, its now.

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But if you know that youre not to be trusted and youve washed/lost/run over your phone in the past, its definitely cheaper to buy insurance than forking out for a new handset. Forgetting that SIM only contracts can be amazing.

Weve written an extensive guide to roaming charges, but one of the best value. Before you claim your 10 monthly discount, we'd just like to confirm with you that: You've signed up for a Pay monthly, iPad, tablet or SIM only plan directly through a Vodafone Store, or Vodafone telesales. Finally, don't forget to check out our Mobile Phone Deals Page for the best Student Mobile Offers! Instagram: we all spend hours scrolling through our feed, but follow these instructions to stop you spending more than time. Four three-night camping passes for the first weekend of the festival. Forgetting insurance, if you get a nice new phone, of course you should look after. Forgetting to negotiate in store on the phone. However, dont get sucked in by freebies that you wont use, or are poor value. Otherwise youll be paying for the pleasure of updating a weird game you downloaded two years ago and havent opened since - no one needs the latest version of Flappy Bird. If youre mid-contract and have lost track of it, call your network and theyll be able to tell you when that. Redeem your promo code in checkout. You can switch auto-play off if you want, and heres how you do it: Facebook: you can switch auto-play either off or to wi-fi only on the mobile or tablet version of the site and heres how.

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